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Classy and simple – this spin on the julep features bourbon infused with the flavors of hops for a bit of bitter and vanilla and orange for an easy sipping summer cocktail.


How to make it:

Infuse vodka with rokz Hop & Vine Infusion kit (ideal infusing time, 2-4 days).

Rim a glass with rokz Lemon Infused sugar (we like to rim just half the glass for a classy look).

Place the mint leaves in the bottom of a rocks glass and add the sugar. Muddle until the leaves begin to break down.

Add a splash of soda and fill the glass 3/4 of the way with ice.

Add the bourbon, top with another splash of soda garnish with a sprig of mint, sip and enjoy.

Hopped up Julep, cocktail recipe by rokz

Hopped Up Julep

rokz Hop and Vine Infusion Kit

Hop and Vine Infusion Kit

Hop flowers, orange, vanilla and spices. 
Just add vodka, gin, tequila or wine,and infuse 2-4 days.

rokz Lemon Infused Cocktail Sugar

Lemon Infused Cocktail Sugar

Top lemon drops in style, or dip slices of lemon or orange in the sugar for an amazing garnish. A blend of cane sugars, lemon zest, citrus peel and sunflower petals.



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