Cocktail Alchemy

rokz Spirit Infusion Kits provide a simple and savvy way to take your cocktail to the next level. Each can be matched with a range of spirits— whether you are a vodka, rum, whiskey, wine or even a lemonade lover, we have a blend for you. Just add alcohol and let the ingredients go to work. Check out our latest flavors… Bloody Mary, Margarita, Mojito and Gin & Tonic.

Gorgeous Garnish

rokz rimmerz combine the finest ingredients — pure cane sugars, sea salts, real fruit, spices and natural flavorings. Together, they create the perfect accent for your cocktail, so go on — add that finishing touch! Find your favorite blend: bloody mary salt, citrus jalapeno salt, mojito, or maybe citrus petals sugar… the flavors go on.

Doug’s Nuts

These crazy good nuts are the perfect addition to any gathering — or to snack on by yourself! Our three delicious blends will have you trying to figure out just which one is your favorite… try them all! Original Blend, Coconut Beach Crunch and Habanero Honey