IMG_3520Barbecues are an American summer tradition and for good reason. Friends and family gather outside to soak in the sunshine and strike up the grill. Kids can play in the pool while parents toss burgers or dogs on the cooker. Barbecues are a celebration.

rokz has a secret to add an extra dash of deliciousness to the party. Bloody Mary salt is traditionally used as a rimming salt for cocktails, but it is also a savory seasoning that those in the know use for cooking. The smoky, zesty flavor is a “one size fits all” spice to any grilled item.

IMG_1125Bloody Mary mix has a southern style flavor that will enhance any potato or pasta salad and the warm, reddish paprika mixed with the parsley flakes is a colorful addition to the top of deviled eggs. Try sprinkling it on hot buttered corn instead of salt. Toss a bacon-like flavor on burgers and steak. Give shish kabob a shout with a pinch of Bloody Mary salt. Like grilled chicken or fish? You are in luck; Bloody Mary salt adds both flavor and color to this menu standard and will make you look like a master chef.

Here’s an extra tip. We all love barbeque sauce but let’s face it, you’re left with a hot sticky mess that is a bear to scrub off a grill at the end of the day. When you have a gathering that needs a little shortcut, a grill without baked in sauce shaves a lot of scrubbing time off the project—leaving more time for fun.

If you are a camper, Bloody Mary salt provides one more bonus. After the picnic is over and the ice in the cooler has melted, barbeque sauce needs to be refrigerated—rimming salt does not. Just toss it in your backpack and save it for breakfast cocktails when you get home.