rokz margarita recipe - tequila infused with rokz Ginger Cardamom Infusion kit and colorful lime margarita saltsCinco de Mayo is a favorite holiday for many Americans, particularly those with Mexican heritage. Many spend the 5th of May savoring the best food, music, art and (of course) beverages that Mexican culture has to offer, although many do not know the compelling story behind this holiday.

In 1862, Mexico was having trouble paying its war debt to France. It had secured its independence from Spain fifty-two years before but the war to freedom was hard won, and the country was left in tatters. Napoleon Bonaparte decided to take advantage of this situation. He figured that he could easily take command of Mexico’s vulnerability and then swoop in and attack the struggling United States while they were distracted by the civil war. Napoleon’s dream of world conquest would be fulfilled. The French troops arrived in Puebla, Mexico and were soundly beaten by a determined group of Mexican soldiers and citizens that were outgunned and outnumbered 2 to 1. France limped home with its tail between its legs and Mexico has not been invaded ever since.

When the news spread, the American reaction was jubilant. It brought joy and pride to Mexican-Americans and those struggling with the American Civil War. The little guy had successfully defended his land and his rights… Cinco de Mayo meant hope.

We, at rokz, raise our margarita glasses in solidarity with those that dared to face great odds. We too, find inspiration in the dedication of the brave people of Puebla. Their sacrifice and determination will not be forgotten. ¡Salud!

Show your Cinco de Mayo spirit by rimming your glass with the colors of the Mexican flag: green, white and red.

Ginger Cardamom Margarita

2 oz vodka – infused with rokz Ginger Cardamom Infusion
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz simple syrup or agave
1/2 oz fresh lime juice

Infuse your favorite tequila with rokz Ginger Cardamom Infusion kit. Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake until well chilled, about 20 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass rimmed with rokz colorful lime margarita salts.

rokz margarita recipe - tequila infused with rokz Ginger Cardamom Infusion kit and colorful lime margarita salts

Ginger Cardamom Margarita rimmed with rokz colorful lime margarita salts