Summer is heating up quickly and as the temperatures rise our interest in hanging out in a stuffy kitchen lowers. Any drink that can be tossed in a blender and still look satisfyingly fancy is welcome. Many people use daiquiris to fit the bill; we suggest the addition of watermelon to this old favorite for an amazingly refreshing summer treat that will literally help bring your body temperature down.

Using a wedge of lime, wet the edge of your glasses and dip in rokz watermelon cocktail sugar.

In a blender combine:
8 oz frozen rindless and seedless watermelon pieces
3 oz fresh lime juice
1 tsp granulated white cane sugar
1 oz filtered water
Blend all of these ingredients until smooth

3oz white rum
Blend for 30 seconds

Makes 2

Garnish with rokz watermelon sugar and a slice of lime. For an extra fun presentation dip half of your lime wedge into the watermelon sugar and sprinkle a pinch of it over the the drink.

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